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What is 2.0?

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Target version:Mid May 2012


Define the API changes in 2.0, relative to 1.8, and infrastructure changes.

The only document I know of is my outdated [[https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ee4XL4TtTxojtkgRRetm4uIMAmiazH1CrA5Q6FKTlrM/edit?authkey=CMWJgtwE&authkey=CMWJgtwE outdated dijit doc]].

The things I've hard talked about are: * desupport old API's (dojo.data, dojo.connect(), acme?, _Widget.attr(), etc.) * con: it will alienate all our existing customers, just like the 0.4 --> 0.9 change * pro: less code for us to maintain * desupport dojo.provide()/dojo.require() syntax, and synchronous loading * desupport IE6 and IE7, maybe using some shim code to make IE act like other browsers (what was that shim code?) * infrastructure changes: switch to github, independent release cycles, separate bug database, etc. * array.js replacement * replace current dojo.declare() with either ComposeJS or new version of dojo.declare()

Notice the list doesn't have much substance to it in terms of new functionality compared to 1.8.


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Here's one requirement for 2.0 that I'd like to see happen:

  • We should have at least two demo apps (I'd suggest todo list and email client) that utilize Dojo APIs in the best possible manner, with good UI, tutorials, explanations, that work and perform well (with functional and performance tests) on all target platforms (desktop, phone, tablet).

When we are able to achieve this and don't cringe with any necessary workarounds or crufty APIs, then I think we know that we've created something that is stable and works well for our target audience.

Updated by Dylan Schiemann over 5 years ago

  • Target version set to Mid May 2012

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