Project Description
  Dojo Toolkit has been implemented to increase the administration, collaboration, organization and planning surrounding the Dojo Toolkit's goals, strategies and tactics pertaining to its awareness initiatives.


This space relates to all things pertaining to Dojo Core


This space relates to all things Dijit.


This space is dedicated to the creation of new and improvements to existing Dojo Toolkit Documentation.

Dojo Mobile 

This space relates to all things Dojo Mobile.


This space relates to all things DojoX.


This space deals with all objectives UNrelated to the Toolkit's actual codebase. "Operations" contains organizational structures and the toolkit's administrative guidelines, policies & procedures.

General Requests 

This space is designed to capture all requests and needs that do not have a dedicated project.


This space relates to marketing initiatives of the Dojo Toolkit.

Project Meetings 

This space is used to coordinate, plan and document meetings regarding everything surrounding the Dojo Toolkit

  Release Management 

This space deals specifically with Release Management process and initiatives for each of the future releases dojo toolkit. Please make sure that all requests and update are filed in the respective release subprojects.

Release 1.7 

This subproject is for everything needed for a successful 1.7 release.

Release 2.0 

This subproject deals with everything related to the successful release 2.0.

Server Operations 

This is the area that deals with all things relating to server ops improvements, planning and maintenance.


This subproject is specifically for website updates, design suggestions and general housekeeping.

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