Release 1.7 | Roadmap


Packages & Plugins Specification Tom Trenka
Package Repository Kris Zyp
Package Manager Kris Zyp
AMD-aware Build Tools Rawld Gill
Asynchronous Loaders Rawld Gill
Touch Specification Emmanual, Evan


Dijit/Mobile Refactoring Proposal Doug, Bill, Kamiyama
Mobile Widget Specification Kamiyama
MVC for Dijit & Mobile Ed, Rahul

Graphics & Visualization

Mobile Charting Enhancements Proposal# Christophe
Charting & Grid Gestures Evan
Geo Charting Enhancements Proposal Marc, Erwan
OpenLayers Map Component Proposal Marc
Dojo Gauges Enhancements Proposal# Emmanual
Widget Gallery Stephen, Todd, Jim

Browser Support

New Browser Support -------


Dojo Mobile Landing Page Web Content# Dylan, Chris, Torrey
Mobile Toolkit Comparisons# Dylan, Chris, Torrey

Release 1.8 | Roadmap

Release 2.0 | Roadmap

Dijit Specification Bill

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