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02:11 pm General Requests Document: Roadmap


02:59 am General Requests Feature #56 (In Progress): Better default builds and Build Process
We have an enormous amount of data for analysis from the Dojo Web Builder to understand what the most common builds a...
01:52 am General Requests Bug #51 (In Progress): Large Application guidance
This is a great idea and I think it's been suggested we could do much better with providing a series of "demo" apps a...
01:48 am General Requests Bug #43 (In Progress): Reference Guide Plan
+1 on the Information Architecture.
I personally find the page style a bit overwhelming, there's huge amounts of ...
01:46 am General Requests Task #2 (In Progress): Identify module owners and team leads
I'm happy to put my hand up for having a more active role in addition to updating/maintaining the web builder.

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